Every year, before wedding season kicks off thick and hard, I like to do a collaborative styled shoot with like minded wedding industry friends. The shoot has become a real highlight at the end of winter for me and I love the challenge of coming up with a great concept (see shoot 2012 and shoot 2013 here and here). Plus it’s also great fun, almost like a Bride planning her wedding, I can get my team of professionals together to create something out of the ordinary. It feels absolutely wonderful to see all the ideas in my head coming to life because of all their amazing skills. I feel very lucky to know and even call some of these very talented people my friends.

I have been a massive fan of the amazing florists Fiona Inglis and Natalya Ayers aka Pyrus since I first came across their work at Lindsay and Arran’s beautiful wedding back in 2012. Now every time a Bride tells me that they have booked the Pyrus girls as their wedding florists, I know it’s going to be a feast for my eyeballs. Their beautiful bouquets and decor made from flowers that are grown in their own walled garden near Edinburgh often include foraged treasures from the surrounding estate. I find their work incredibly creative and inspiring – it’s like nothing else I ever have come across before. I was so chuffed when they agreed to work with me on this years shoot.

The concept behind the shoot probably stems from me being bored of seeing all those ‘pretty’ bridal inspiration shoots with elaborate details and demure looking models. The best weddings that I have been to and photographed are nothing like that. The best weddings are always the ones were the couple are just having the most fun day ever, when they are laughing and smiling and not worrying about the little details or about getting their dress dirty or their hair out of place. It’s often the ‘not perfect’ weddings that I really enjoy. The ones that are a mix of all the things the couple like so much. There is no theme as such but the wedding just really reflect a couples’ style and personalities. So I really wanted to focus on the fun side with this years shoot. (And as always I am not using models but real life beauties).  I also think that we now live in a day and age and society where it’s totally cool to not wear a white wedding dress (or even a dress) if that’s not you. Your wedding is YOUR day. Have your day the way you want to. Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. Get your team of suppliers booked in early, people that you really connect with and that get you and who you are. Trust them to bring your ideas to life. A lot of us creative types work really well when we are ‘let loose’ to just do our thing. We get excited when a couple gives us free reign. And that’s just the thing that I wanted to highlight with this shoot. It’s a total eclectic mix of all the things I really like. A picnic table, flowers en mass, geometric shapes, colours and a big bag of fun.

One of my lovely Brides, Sara, actually nailed it the other day by saying: ‘There’s a massive lot of nonsense talked about weddings – it’s not the best day of your life and it won’t be perfect. What it IS is a really lovely day that you’ll always remember so it would be rubbish to ruin it by feeling stressed about what you look like or thinking that things aren’t as good as you had hoped. Get lots of stuff you like and decorate a place that you like, play lots of music that you like, get lots of food and drink that you like, get all the people you like to be there and that’s that – a brilliant day!

I’ve had the best day doing this shoot and I hope you like it too.


The Top Team

Florist: Pyrus

Outfits: Emily Peach

Hats: William Chambers

Venue: The Glue Factory

Hair: Leigh Ferguson

Make Up: Jennifer Peffer

Jewellery: Alison Macleod

Placemats on styled table: Laura Spring

Geometric hanging shapes: Hole in my pocket (and his Dad)

Super Models: Alison and Rachel

Creative Assistant: Eileen Dunn

Chauffeur and my little helper: Ewan Watson

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Off the wall ! Love it.


love this shoot… amazing!x

Holy crap guys this looks beautiful! I love the simple aesthetic and how you’ve showcased such beautiful, simple details. I’ve just spent the last two days in the company of the Pyrus ladies, they are incredibly talented and all round lovely! Nice work! Xx



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