Happy New year one and all. I hope you had a wonderful time over the festivities with all the stuffing and trimmings. I can’t believe it’s 2017! Last year has totally flown by and I’ve been so busy with weddings and numerous other photography projects that for the first time since I’ve started my business 8 years ago, I thought I should jump on the wagon and make up a 2016 round up blog post (well, when I say the first time than that is not strictly true. I’ve blogged my own kind of end of year post before and you can read about it here if you like). I haven’t nearly blogged as much in 2016 as in previous years therefore I thought it would be rather appropriate to share some of my highlights with you all. It’s been lovely looking back over all the adventures I’ve been on, reliving all of the 35 wedding-o-ramas I was lucky enough to photograph. I’ve been traveling up and down the country, to islands and the Highlands and had an absolute blast. I was even named as one of the top 10 alternative wedding photographers in the UK by Stylist magazine. I cannot thank all my wonderful clients enough, who entrust me in capturing this very special day in their lives. You’ve all been such a pleasure to work with. I’ve laughed and cried and hugged and danced and felt so welcome by you all. Thank you! So here’s a ‘little’ selection (you better get yourself a drink and put some tunes on) of my personal very favourite images of 2016. I’m looking forward to all the adventures that 2017 will bring already. I now only have a few slots remaining so if you still want a piece of the action than don’t leave it too late! Enjoy x

Best of 2016-383Best of 2016-9Best of 2016-8Best of 2016-12Best of 2016-692Best of 2016-25Best of 2016-71Best of 2016-680Best of 2016-37Best of 2016-456Best of 2016-683Best of 2016-662Best of 2016-682Best of 2016-14Best of 2016-334Best of 2016-18Best of 2016-117Best of 2016-2Best of 2016-35Best of 2016-419Best of 2016-104Best of 2016-241Best of 2016-96Best of 2016-47Best of 2016-48Best of 2016-154Best of 2016-121Best of 2016-157Best of 2016-174Best of 2016-211Best of 2016-228Best of 2016-242Best of 2016-402Best of 2016-130Best of 2016-360Best of 2016-339Best of 2016-161Best of 2016-3Best of 2016-650Best of 2016-16Best of 2016-38Best of 2016-80Best of 2016-149Best of 2016-645 Best of 2016-114Best of 2016-674Best of 2016-155Best of 2016-5Best of 2016-102Best of 2016-272Best of 2016-243Best of 2016-277Best of 2016-206Best of 2016-158Best of 2016-144Best of 2016-685Best of 2016-19Best of 2016-56Best of 2016-115Best of 2016-22Best of 2016-151Best of 2016-60Best of 2016-109Best of 2016-210Best of 2016-631Best of 2016-122Best of 2016-336Best of 2016-675Best of 2016-366Best of 2016-51Best of 2016-166Best of 2016-50Best of 2016-162Best of 2016-646Best of 2016-167Best of 2016-32Best of 2016-422Best of 2016-171Best of 2016-423Best of 2016-503Best of 2016-416Best of 2016-20Best of 2016-191Best of 2016-455Best of 2016-392Best of 2016-43Best of 2016-415Best of 2016-49Best of 2016-451Best of 2016-632Best of 2016-72Best of 2016-666Best of 2016-396Best of 2016-34Best of 2016-53Best of 2016-540Best of 2016-324Best of 2016-285Best of 2016-79Best of 2016-85Best of 2016-55Best of 2016-605Best of 2016-83Best of 2016-68Best of 2016-133Best of 2016-617 Best of 2016-214Best of 2016-358Best of 2016-105Best of 2016-368Best of 2016-338Best of 2016-642Best of 2016-387Best of 2016-221Best of 2016-1Best of 2016-560 Best of 2016-120Best of 2016-655Best of 2016-33Best of 2016-103Best of 2016-601Best of 2016-129Best of 2016-623Best of 2016-116Best of 2016-73Best of 2016-91Best of 2016-570Best of 2016-131Best of 2016-95Best of 2016-119Best of 2016-340Best of 2016-301Best of 2016-165Best of 2016-331Best of 2016-202Best of 2016-220Best of 2016-137Best of 2016-616Best of 2016-681Best of 2016-65Best of 2016-652Best of 2016-357Best of 2016-656Best of 2016-170Best of 2016-321Best of 2016-625Best of 2016-168Best of 2016-364Best of 2016-254Best of 2016-401Best of 2016-239Best of 2016-218Best of 2016-458Best of 2016-181Best of 2016-123Best of 2016-670Best of 2016-329Best of 2016-4Best of 2016-539Best of 2016-660Best of 2016-457Best of 2016-320Best of 2016-39Best of 2016-13Best of 2016-41Best of 2016-537Best of 2016-183Best of 2016-337Best of 2016-118Best of 2016-17Best of 2016-225Best of 2016-186Best of 2016-147Best of 2016-224Best of 2016-610Best of 2016-672Best of 2016-223Best of 2016-600Best of 2016-276Best of 2016-108Best of 2016-673Best of 2016-284Best of 2016-359Best of 2016-251Best of 2016-606Best of 2016-408Best of 2016-651Best of 2016-691Best of 2016-553Best of 2016-66Best of 2016-40Best of 2016-690Best of 2016-180Best of 2016-44Best of 2016-15Best of 2016-381Best of 2016-176Best of 2016-226 Best of 2016-78Best of 2016-237Best of 2016-29Best of 2016-169Best of 2016-622Best of 2016-253Best of 2016-421Best of 2016-367Best of 2016-629Best of 2016-636Best of 2016-542Best of 2016-275Best of 2016-627Best of 2016-389Best of 2016-87Best of 2016-420Best of 2016-633Best of 2016-262Best of 2016-439Best of 2016-496Best of 2016-640Best of 2016-209Best of 2016-635Best of 2016-322Best of 2016-212


I never ever tire of looking at your images they are utterly breathtaking … an amazing year my friend you have earnt this all xxx

Bloody gorgeous lot of photos! I get all the happiness and content feelings from looking at them!

Absolutely beautiful – your images have such a cinematic quality to them, and the colours and depth are gorgeous. Love them!



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