with love and special thanks to Diane Graham florist extraordinary at Roots, Fruits and Flowers for all the incredible floral creations and the beautiful food, Adam Waite tailoring for the most incredible suit, shirt and tie,  Anne-Marie McElroy hair stylist and make-up artist Alexis Miller for making our models look hot hot hot, Alison Macleod for the incredible jewellery, the amazing Roulotte Retreat for all their kind help on the day, the super talented Eileen O’Rouke of Sugar8 wedding films for all her handy work and of course our models and real life couple Clare and Lawrence – you guys rock!



Absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL – some of these gave me shivers! Amazing work, you must be SO proud of these.

Mind officially blown! These are amazing!!!!!!

These are amazing Caro… great location/styling… and well, everything! Photos are just immense x

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Lovely to hear that you like it xx

Oh my goodness these are just STUNNING!!! I adore! love everything about it, what a team!!! LOVE! <3

An utterly enchanting and enthraling heart beat by heart beat cinematic ride.

Way to go girl! Simply lovely.

Oh my!!! I am speachless, this who session is STUNNING oh my god and how brillant are they! Your photography is awesome!!! 😉 ❤

Just amazing!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! No words!

Arrgghhh, just so friggin hot ~ Amazing work Caro, Wow!

Lovely images. Can I ask what these were used for? Christy 🙂

I must say this is some wonderful work, a story told with some great close ups and the tonal shades together with excellent composition, its nice to see some thing different in the feild of wedding photography. Im sure you will be very successful in the future.

Just lovely!! This is so inspiring, thank you for the incredible journey that your photos offer. I’m so glad I happened upon your site! 🙂 <3