Emma and Russell decided to hold a very small intimate wedding on Eilean Shona, a tiny island which is tucked into Loch Moidart just off the West coast of Scotland.
The island is criss-crossed with a network of secluded paths winding through acres of woodland and over the heather covered hills. Along its shore are numerous tiny inlets, coves and at every point there are breathtaking views forever changing with the tides and the season. This stunningly situated private island is free of cars and only ten minutes boat ride from the mainland. In the 1930s the author J M Barrie spent a summer in the historic hunting lodge that forms the centrepiece of Eilean Shona which inspired him to write Peter Pan. It really is an absolutely magical place and definitely one I hope to explore some more soon!Here is Emma and Russells’s wedding story…E&R-12 E&R-29 E&R-31 E&R-33 E&R-34 E&R-35 E&R-36 E&R-37 E&R-40 E&R-42E&R-43 E&R-46 E&R-48 E&R-52 E&R-54E&R-56 E&R-57 E&R-59 E&R-62 E&R-66 E&R-68 E&R-72 E&R-75 E&R-77 E&R-78 E&R-79E&R-80 E&R-28 E&R-84 E&R-85 E&R-86 E&R-87 E&R-89 E&R-90 E&R-91 E&R-96 E&R-97 E&R-98 E&R-99 E&R-100 E&R-101 E&R-107 E&R-108 E&R-109E&R-252 E&R-113E&R-146 E&R-117 E&R-118 E&R-120 E&R-122 E&R-124 E&R-126 E&R-130 E&R-131 E&R-139E&R-128 E&R-144E&R-154 E&R-158 E&R-149 E&R-151 E&R-155 E&R-160 E&R-161 E&R-162 E&R-167 E&R-178 E&R-181E&R-168 E&R-110 E&R-194 E&R-195 E&R-197E&R-14 E&R-15 E&R-16 E&R-18 E&R-19 E&R-202 E&R-204 E&R-207 E&R-209 E&R-214 E&R-217 E&R-218 E&R-219 E&R-221 E&R-222 E&R-223 E&R-224 E&R-225E&R-197E&R-250 E&R-226 E&R-231E&R-26 E&R-23 E&R-236 E&R-237E&R-233 E&R-22 E&R-254 E&R-256 E&R-257 E&R-258 E&R-262 E&R-264 E&R-266 E&R-267 E&R-270 E&R-272 E&R-273 E&R-274 E&R-277E&R-285 E&R-278 E&R-280E&R-279


I think this is the most wonderful elopement I’ve ever seen! I personally would love to have that kind of wedding if I ever get a chance to get married 😀 Gorgeous!



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